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Sip & Sow with Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman

When we garden, we grow. But more than just plants and flowers, we sow inspiration and creativity. This podcast explores new perspectives on gardening, innovation, artistry and individuality.

Hosted by Tom Coleman, Social media & marketing expert, specialising in the Horticultural industry. Tom chats to those who are making huge strides in our sector and leaves listeners with even more ideas and motivation blossoming in their minds.

This podcast is brought to you by headline sponsor Shrewsbury Flower Show. Taking place on August 9th & 10th in the heart of this Shropshire town. Originally created by Percy Thrower himself, his legacy continues years later in this beautiful show, hosted along the banks of the river. Tickets are available now, and include access to the famous fireworks display in the evening too. And I'll be there hosting my podcast with even more guests live at the show! Visit to get your tickets.

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